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"During my media career I have worked with hundreds of shooters across North America. Out of all those videographers, Morrow Fisher of Fisheye Video, stands out as one of the most creative and hardest working out of the bunch. Not only does he work hard to get the shot that you want, he works even harder to make that shot the best it can be and the most creative . We used him on all of our national shows. Morrow’s style of shooting and lighting changed the way we shot video."

Alvey Creative LLC
Carrollton TX 75006

Reviews & Clips

"Morrow Fisher is without a doubt one of the most hard-working and creative people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. His energy and drive to make the project the best it can be is amazing. He likes to be prepared and has the ability to think and plan ahead.  But probably his most important ability in the field is his ability to adapt to changes."

Brad Kimmel, President WNIN
Tri-State Public Media, Inc

"When Morrow Fisher is working a race in the pits he's not the guy that just runs to a pit box and points the camera at a car. Morrow tells stories.  He pays attention to the broadcast and the event and visually tells the story with unique camera angles, movement and breathtaking shots. The way he moves around a car in a single pit stop is amazing to watch. I must also mention his attitude because he's one of the nicest and most positive people in the compound each week. If you have a chance to have Morrow work on one of your shows,  take it. "

Brett Simmons
Freelance Tape Producer/AP